A Way Out predstavlja možda i prvu isključio co-op igru. Kooperativna avanutra sa temom bekstva iz zatvora. Jako lepa vest za vaše novčanike stigla je od kreatora igre – Džozefa Fares-a, a to je da je dovoljno da imate samo jednu kopiju igre, a da istu možete da igrate na dve konzole online! Kapa dole, svakako inovativna taktika od strane EA, koju svakako pozdravljamo. A Way Out je prilično jedinstvena igra jer postoji mogućnost isključivo co-op igranja, a vi birate da li će to biti online ili igranje u split screed modu. Tako da ćete biti prinuđeni da sarađujete sa kolegom ako mislite da se oslobodite bukagija i rešetaka.

Shipping & Delivery

At this point, you have probably realized that we are selling digital games. These games are also original games, bought from Sony online Store, the only difference being they are not physical (on disc). You don’t need PS Plus to play.

We deliver games online (via Viber, WhatsApp, or an e-mail), as soon as we receive your payment. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all purchased games from our shop. Contact us on our website chat or +381649700535 via Viber or WhatsApp.

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We sell codes for Xbox, and Switch.

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